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Grand Theft Auto - GTA 5 mobile apk is available here which you can download (no survey) for Android devices including mobile phones and tablets for free. GTA 5 is an evolutionary version of  GTA 4 which you can download along with obb file from the links at the end of the post. GTA 5 is enriched with high definition graphics and incredible features that will blow your mind. GTA 5 full version has a nice format for Android and works well on high-end devices i.e. having a super fast processor, additional storage space and decent RAM as well as plenty of video memory for smooth Game Play.

Grand Theft Auto (Gta 5 Mobile apk + data):

Watching the following video might help  downloading Gta 5 mobile apk data for android and downloading the game

In the game, the player can enjoy first person or third person sight and walk or use vehicle i.e. a car to travel to another place. Whether you play missions or wander - switch between a single player or lead protagonists During gameplay weapons and vehicles are used in various missions which may involve shooting your foe. Apart from that, you can enjoy many inherited features from GTA 4 and GTA 3 with some additional flavor.


  • Hunting -  hunt and challenge 
  • Stunt Jumps -  perform jumps other athletic actions
  • Submarine parts
  • Online Game Play
  • Cheat codes
  • Unlike other games and the previous version of the rock star productions having the limit of performing actions to accomplish other tasks, the game uncovers many exciting features like perform actions other than missions though with some limits.
  • Control and customize the game - change clothes, your car and its wheels and many.
  • Enjoy games within the game like Golf, Virtual tennis.
  • Multiplayer Support makes the game spotlight to the users in the realm of multiplayer gaming.
  • You can switch between the three characters known as protagonists.
  • GTA 5 supports diving into the waters of the river and pool and we hope there would be an optional support for murky waters of oceans as well.
  • Rockstar has improved the driving experience of the game. In the game, you will enjoy a lot of other 
  • New improved menu for switching weapons unlike conditional picking of weapons in the previous versions.
  • Submarine support in GTA 5.

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Grand Theft Auto (gta 5 )

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