Challenger Comics Viewer 2.1 Apk - Download Latest Version (org.kill.geek.bdviewer)

You'll shortly access Challenger Comics Viewer 2.1 apk file which is truly a user-friendly app which allows you to navigate pages easily without clicking on individual pages for navigation and there is no awkward "next page" clicking - all the pages are stacked naturally and most importantly this app is

completely free without ads. The Challenger comics Viewer apk file provided here is directly downloaded from Google Play and it is genuine.

Key Features of Challenger Comics Viewer 2.1:

  • Seamlessly load pages
  •  Magnify the text using multi-touch 
  •  Easily navigate between pages
  •  You can view documents in 2 different styles - simple view and multiple image view.
  •  Supports Scale filters including Bicubic filter, Bilinear and Lanczos4 filter. 
  •  Access variety of views using covers and library.
  •  Seamless change to next issue when you reach the last page of the comic. 
  •  Read from both the direction.
  •  You can customize the app settings and undo actions according to your needs.
  •  the app can display 2 pages at a time and one page also.
  •  Filter to enhance picture quality 
  •  Use your finger to scroll the page conveniently. 
  •  Supports automatic scrolling when tabbed for a long time 
  •  Tap to go to navigate pages
  •  Fully robust and responsive.
  •  Multiple Image sort 
  •  Option to direct access to the page 
  •  Manage your history and data.
  •  Multiple language supporting.
  •  To effectively distinguish every page, the border can be showcased over Bitmap
  •  Resolution and display control
  •  You can save more internal memory spaces by moving your Application to SD Card including  cached information 
  •  Cloud Support

The application requires lots of memory and a super fast processor

For example, it works superbly on Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab, ...

Challenger comics Viewer  Details (org.kill.geek.bdviewer)

App Name: Challenger Comics Viewer
Package Name: org.kill.geek.bdviewer
File Size: 8.5 MB
Version: 2.1.24 
Review: 4.3
Category:   Tools
Last Updated: 20 July, 2016

Challenger Comic Viewer apk Download:

Challenger Comics View apk file
Challenger Comics 

Below is the link to download the apk file:

 Download Challenger Comics Viewer 2.1 Apk Latest Version 

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